Friends of Covehead and Brackley Bay

The Friends of Covehead-Brackley Bay Inc. (FCBB) is a community based volunteer organization mandated “to create a watershed area that is healthy: one which nourishes the land and water, is sustainable to native flora and fauna, and also balances the interests of residents, including those working in aquaculture, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, and tourism.” (Plan 2008)

FCBB was established in 1998, incorporated in 2001 and granted Charitable Status in 2012.

The Covehead-Brackley Watershed includes the communities of Brackley Beach, Brackley Point, West Covehead, Covehead, Covehead Road, Harrington, Winsloe North, North Milton, and Stanhope. There are five streams and two bays in the watershed. The streams are Auld’s Creek, McCallum’s Creek, Black River, Bell’s Creek, and Parson’s Creek. The bays are Covehead and Brackley. The total area of the watershed is 7,358 hectares, or 73.5km2.

Take a tour of our website HERE and like us on Facebook. We have information about our:

  • Watershed Plan
  • Stream enhancement projects
  • Scientific research data
  • Shoreline erosion and flood risk presentation
  • Constitution, Policies and Board Structure
  • Newsletters
  • Maps
  • Gallery of photos of stream, bays, wildlife
  • Contact information for staff and volunteers