Reports and Studies

2023/2024 Financial Plan


We have completed our Climate Action Plan, that outlines a vision for future projects and policies for the community. This is a living document and implementing these steps will be a gradual process.

RMNS Climate Action Report – FINAL



The Water and Environment Committee and Council of North Shore have worked together with Federal and Provincial levels of Government and produced several studies on water and wastewater and the health of the Covehead Bay and Tracadie Bay.

Stanhope Peninsula Potable Water System Conceptual Design and Study

Following up on the Public Meeting held Aug 23, 2022, the Committee met on Sept 7 and with Council input put together a list of updates for the draft report presented. CBCL has incorporated those updates and Council has reviewed and approved the Final Report for release to the Public. Council hopes everyone will have opportunity to review the report and a subsequent Public Meeting will be held for additional questions. Click here

Engineering Technologies Canada/Terra Atlantic Documents Long term Water and Wastewater Study 2009



Video of Damage Caused by Hurricane Fiona.

Thank you to Ryan Hale of Pleasant Grove for taking this video of the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona.
Click to view the video.



Parks Canada – Wildfire risk

The Mayor, some Councillors and CAO met with Parks Canada on January 23, 2023 to discuss various issues and concerns relating to Parks operations and activities as they affect the RMNS. One of these issues was the concern over the fallen trees and potential wildfire risks associated with the situation. We received this letter (posted below) in response from Parks Canada on April 28th, 2023 on this issue.

We expect Parks Canada to update us on other matters that were raised at the meeting and as they endeavour to get the PEI National Park operational this year (see the February 15th update from the PEI National Park,

We continue to work together with Parks Canada in a cooperative positive way to raise concerns of residents as we deal with the aftermath of Fiona.



Files from Covehead Bay Review June 2018

Recreation and Open Space Strategic Plan

The Rural Municipality is happy to present our Recreation and Open Space Strategic Plan, as created by Janice Harper of Harper Consulting. The final plan is a correlation of an in depth study of the Municipality’s existing infrastructure as well as our needs and wants based on public feedback. The intention of the Recreation and Open Space Strategic plan is to guide our decision making process in the future, towards sustainable goals and not a direct indication of what projects will be implemented.Click here

Stanhope Peninsula Map

Here is a map of the Stanhope peninsula. You should be aware that there are a number of errors in the on-line maps of the peninsula and those maps used in geotracking devices. The Province has recently upgraded its mapping information and it is correct.