North Shore Fire Department

Fire Permits are issued by the Province

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North Shore Rural Community Fire Company

The Fire Hall is located at 2030 Covehead Road. The building was renovated in 2004 to allow five trucks to be stored. The design includes a water tank in the ground, which allows multiple quick refills of water trucks even in a power failure. A new meeting area with an exercise room for the firemen was also added.

The Fire Department is equipped with two pumpers, two tankers and a Heavy Rescue truck that contains the gear needed by firefighters arriving on a call. The Department has a compliment of 25 active members.

Residents are reminded to allow fire truck access lanes must be kept trimmed to 4 m/12 ft width and 5m/15 ft clearance for height. A fire call involves access by a number of vehicles so a turn around area would also be desirable.

The Fire Company provides fire protection to Pleasant Grove, Grand Tracadie, Union Road, York and the former Sherwood Fire District in addition to the North Shore Municipality. The Fire Company receives payments from each municipality from their tax revenues. The current rate is $0.08 per $100 of assessed value for non-commercial and commercial assessment. The Fire Department is called out under the 911 system. The Fire Department trains on Monday night. 

Non-emergency contact for NSFD is or (902) 672-2358.

Fire Department Presentation – the current rate paid to the North Shore Fire Department is $0.08 per $100 assessed property value and comes out of the tax rate paid to the Rural Municipality of North Shore.

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