Winter River- Tracadie Bay Watershed

Supporting The Watershed, So It Can Support You

The Winter River-Tracadie Bay Watershed Association (WRTBWA) is a registered charitable environmental organization whose purpose is to protect and enhance the health and aesthetic qualities of the Winter River – Tracadie Bay watershed. They protect the watershed through educational initiatives, collaborating with farmers and other watershed landowners, and advocating for water conservation. Enhancement work includes planting trees, clearing streams, building brush mats, creating wildlife habitat, cleaning up garbage from stream sides, shorelines, and roadsides, and more.

People with varied interests and skills from across the watershed area provide their time and support to make this purpose a reality:

  • Paid staff members, many of which are current or recently graduated students, complete most field work from May to September, with a few staff staying on during the fall and winter months.
  • A volunteer board of directors ensures the organization continues to work in line with its purpose.
  • Other volunteers and supporters help with different projects and/or attend WRTBWA’s various events throughout the year.

Learn more about this watershed group and follow the important work they do: