Planning Board

Chair – Deputy Mayor, Councilor Nancy MacKinnon,
Committee Members – Dolores Watts, Rollin Andrews, Ricky Clow and Mayor Gerard Watts

The period to provide additional feedback after the May 25, 2021 meeting was open until 4pm May 31, 2021, it is compiled below

​A survey was conducted by DV8 Consulting for the month of October 2019, below are the results which were greatly appreciated in forming the first new Official Plan Draft.

Consultant Hope Parnham of DV8 Consulting held Public Feedback Consultations on Aug 26 and Aug 27 to present the Draft Bylaw. You can access the presentation below as well as a report on Short Term Rentals.

Special Committee for the Official Plan and LandUse Bylaw Update (This Committee dissolved Aug 18, 2020)

To assist Planning Board in the early stages the Special Committee was created to work with the consultant. The Committee was dissolved by Council when their mandate was completed and members that chose to stay on were appointed to Planning Board for the completion of the Official Plan and Landuse Bylaw Update. Below are overviews from those public meetings with the consultant.

Chair – Councillor Peter Vriends
Committee Members​ – Mayor Gerard Watts, Valerie Payn, Janet Ellis, Joe Doran, and Delores Watts
Consultant– DV8 Consulting Hope Parnham