Water & Septic Information

The Rural Municipality of North Shore has a very engaged Water and Environment Committee that has provided Residents with this great information regarding water, in all forms, in your Community.

2021 Septic Survey for Stanhope Peninsula and Eagle’s Path Lane

Throughout the summer of 2021 RMNS hired a student to go door to door to administer a survey to gather information on septic knowledge and maintenance in areas with typically smaller sized lots. The data was compiled and presented to the Water and Environment Committee and to Council. Results are below.

​How To Test Your Water

We encourage you to test your water for bacteria yearly and the chemical makeup of your water every 3 years.

  1. Pick up your water test kits at the North Shore Community Centre or PEI Analytical Laboratories.
  2. Deliver the cool, same-day samples to PEI Analytical Laboratories at 23 Innovation Way, Charlottetown (off Upton Road, across from the Industrial Park).

To keep your septic system healthy and free from problems or impacts on your water quality – pump your septic system every 3-5 years.
Record above that you tested your system. We will keep a record and send a reminder to you at year three. This helps ensure that the septic systems in our Community are being effectively maintained.

Discount for North Shore Residents at MacCallum Sewer Septic Service (10% off) call 902-629-1212.
If you can group several residents for the same day pumping call
KM Liquid Waste Removal (902-569-4305) or Thomson’s Septic Service (902-566-2324).

Click on the map to see Stanhope Peninsula’s 2050 Hazard Mapping

Water – Private Wells

Licensed installers are required to put in your well.

Maintenance – Disinfecting your well is below.

Private Septic Systems

If you plan to build a residence then you need to apply for a septic permit prior to building. If you have a septic system you need to manage it.
Below is a document with an overview of private on-site sewage systems.

Previous Water Studies can be found here

Licensed installers are required to put in your well.

Plain Language Summaries